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Coffee Blend with 14 Brain-Enhancing Superfoods


Brain Hack Cafe

  • Improve Your Personal Well-Being
  • Enjoy Higher Levels of Mental Clarity
  • Experience Harmony and Peace of Mind
  • Perform More Tasks with Less Fatigue
  • Awaken Your Inner Consciousness

We’ve Taken the Transformative Benefits of Coffee & Nootropics to Another Level

Never before in the history of mankind have we become so inundated with mountains of stress, relentless distractions, sneaky chemicals and more. But luckily for you, there’s a tasty way to get back to the roots of Mother Nature herself, while transforming your life and health at the same time.

Imagine enjoying a steaming cup of decadent coffee every day and being able to rid your body of hidden toxins, regain mental clarity, boost your productivity, and perform at your highest level.

Thanks to our breakthrough nootropic coffee blend, now this and much more is possible for you. We’ve carefully combined our proprietary extract along with some the world’s most powerful nootropics and superfoods to create one amazing and shockingly invigorating coffee.

Why Brain Hack Café Easily Stands Out Among a Sea of Nootropic Coffees

What makes Brain Hack Café so unique is our proprietary coffee extract that’s never stripped with harsh chemicals or makes sacrifices on taste. It comes fully loaded with naturally occurring antioxidants that help reduce body inflammation, protects the body from disease-causing molecules, improves cognitive function, and so much more.

Us What You Need: Them
Reduced Body Inflammation
Improved Cognitive Function
Natural Antioxidants
Potent Medicinal Mushrooms

But we don’t stop there...

We also add in 6 powerful medicinal mushrooms, 3 ancient mood-enhancing brain herbs, and 5 additional cognitive-boosting ingredients to our coffee blend to make it truly exceptional and out-of-this world GOOD!

100% Premium Robusta + Arabica Coffee

Our all-natural blend of micro ground coffee is expertly sourced directly from the world’s top-growing regions and then roasted to absolute perfection, every time. We believe that the only way to create the best nootropic coffee in the world is to start with the freshest beans possible.

6 Powerful Medicinal Mushrooms

We then add in 6 powerful medicinal mushrooms that offer even more mind and body health benefits. These are not only some of the most heavily researched mushrooms in science, but many have also been used worldwide for centuries.

Lion’s Mane
Turkey Tail

3 Ancient Mood-Enhancing Brain Herbs

Along with the 6 powerful medicinal mushrooms that are added into Brain Hack Café, we’ve also included 3 ancient mood-enhancing brain herbs as well. These unique herbs will give your brain the “extra kick” it needs to improve clarity, decrease stress, and naturally ward off cognitive decline or disease.

Ginko Leaf
Fermented Boca

Want to learn more about our ingredients?

Watch this video to learn more on what goes into each bag!

What People Are Saying

I was never a coffee drinker!

I was never a coffee drinker because they all made me feel the same. Brain Hack is a completely different story. No crash, no anxiety and none of the other side effects of regular coffee. I'm Brain Hacked for life!

- Robert Brown

Best coffee I have ever tasted!

I’m not a coffee drinker at all but I use this coffee every morning before I workout to be laser focus and I’m able to execute to my fullest potential.

- Xavier Long

I never used to like coffee before I tried this...

Most other coffee made me really 'wirey' from the caffeine (And even gave me a heachache sometimes)... This coffee makes me feel good for hours and I don't have any 'crash' like with the 'other' coffee... Not only that but the mushroom extracts in the coffee really do boost my mood and improve my thinking so I can be a better Mom at home and Manager at work.

- Moe Carlin

Still Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Each serving of your Brain Hack Awaken Cafe has less caffeine than a cup of decaf. Wait, what? You read that right!

We recommend that you consult your healthcare professional before consuming any Brain Hack Cafe products if you are pregnant or nursing.

ReFuel is a recurring shipment that unlocks an additional $5.00 off per bag and ensures you never run out of your Brain Hack Awaken beverage! Why pay more when you can pay less?

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The nutritional labels can always be found on the back of each Brain Hack Awaken bag.

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